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We are more than just tows.

Private Property Towing in Houston

Parking Management


Private property towing is our specialty. We have the permits, the paint and the programs to keep your community looking sharp and your parking in compliance. 

Resident Retention


We guarantee the highest level of professionalism in parking enforcement with a focus on maintaining occupancy. No one has more resident focused solutions than us.​​

Legal Defense


We're at the forefront of ever-changing laws and are fully committed to defending every policy we enforce and every vehicle we tow.​​

We are more than just tows.

Does your towing service answer the phone 24/7? Do they send out only uniformed, professional drivers? Do they work WITH you to form solutions that increase parking compliance without negatively affecting your property's occupancy? 

American Wrecker is one of the longest-running private property towing services in the city of Houston. We always have a live person answering every call and you're never going to wonder where we have run off to or why our name suddenly changed. We don't even have a salesforce. 75% of our new business comes by word of mouth. When you've consistently proven yourself for decades in this business, your clients do the talking for you. We'd love to show you the difference that a truly professional, truly committed towing service can make in your parking set up. We are uniformed, bilingual and ready to serve!

Ask us about are non-tow parking lot compliance programs and our unique programs for ensuring parking enforcement never harms your occupancy ratings. Call us today and see what a difference we can make!

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